What does commercial use mean?

Commercial use means that you can sell what you make using Bramble Crafts templates and software.  However, this is limited to papercuts and folded books, unless otherwise specified. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this.

Design credit must be given to Bramble Crafts when selling

Are your papercutting templates suitable for beginners?

Yes they are! However, you will need equipment in the form of paper (I personally love 120gsm pearlescent paper), a self healing cutting mat, a craft knife and a printer.  

Can you recommend a paper supplier?

Yes! I love the products from Paper Story (www.paperstory.co.uk).  

They sell everything that you need to get you started.

How does the layered cut design software work?

This software does assume that you already have a knowledge of papercutting, however it does come with full instructions. 

You upload your photograph, set how many layers that you would like the software to generate (each layer will be printed on to a different shade of paper). It then generates the templates for you.

Are your fairy tales copyright protected?

No.  They have been based on the original stories, which are no longer copyright protected. 

They are not at all based on Disney characters (which ARE copyright protected).

Can I cut your templates by machine?

Yes you can! All designs are sold in the following file formats: JPG, SVG & Studio. 

What is vegan yarn?

The yarn that I use in my baby cardigans, and in my hand-dyed yarn is made from 50% bamboo and 50% cotton.  They are beautiful to the touch and do not cause irritation.

When will classes be available?

Classes are planned to begin in 2022/2023, family allowing.