Book Folding Software (BADS)

Book Art Design Software (BADS) is one of the original programs developed to enable you to create your own unique book folding patterns. 

Create patterns to make your own beautiful folded books, or to create book folding patterns to sell to other crafters.

BADS has the option of two different pattern styles: measure, mark and fold (where each page is marked twice and folded), or cut and fold (where each page can be cut multiple times and folded, to create more intricate designs). 

BADS is an instant download, with no activation code required. 

Suitable for beginners.

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Layered Cut Design Software

Would you like to create beautiful papercuts, of your treasured photographs? 

The Layered Cut Design Software takes your photograph and divides it into layers for you, allowing you to print them onto your own shade pack of paper to be either cut by hand or machine. 

The above image in the frame is cut from 9 pieces of paper from a grey scale pack.

The use of this software is recommended for crafters who already know how to papercut and are looking to specifically create layered papercuts. 

Instant download, with no activation code required.

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